• Jon Ashley

  • Michael Stimson


  • Steve Newman

  • James Young

  • Matthew Harris

  • Cheryl Watson

  • Sharon Bird

  • Anthony Bradley

  • Mel Bebb

Aynsley Smith

Ever since childhood it has been my dream to ride a motorbike. However I became a mum young and neve...

Lucy Chandler

To ride Rossi's own dirt track with him, I understand he has a shallow mix of dirt and sand for the ...

Ian Morley

My biking dream is to ride a few laps with the Goat, the one and only Valentino Rossi. The reason fo...

Keven White

My dream is to ride 2 up on a cruiser with my wife through New England in the Fall for my 50th Birth...


This year in August I will be going to the Isle of man for the Classic TT & MGP. It is my first ...

James Stocks

I would love to do a guided tour in Australia. I was born there and have been in the UK since I was ...

James Brady

To pass my test and ride length of UK Before ill health prevents it

Paul Haydon

I would love to travel the whole of Route 66 with my best friend Steve. We have never been to the St...

Matthew Neve

To revive a Help for Heroes helmet. I am doing a fundraiser where I am riding my motorcycle around ...

Lance Coates

Would love a set of custom one piece leather, boots, gloves and helmet to match my bike... cant get ...

Andrew Roberts

my dream is for my wife to pass here bike test and ride with me to go and watch a moto gp race it wo...

Steve Barker

With short legs and a long body I would struggle to get a one piece suit to fit, so made to measure ...

Jeremy Hooper

Tour Northern India on a Indian Royal Enfield route from Northern Punjab to border with Tibet/China

Daniel Butterworth

My dream isn't to ride the TT or to meet a gp star. I just dream of having a bike so I can ride home...

Suzanne Sant Angelo

Helmets for all the family and a properly fitted seatbelt in the sidecar. Because we have four chi...

James Elliott

One day I wish to tune and turbo my 1200 bandit. I keep doing bits, but all else takes priority.

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